Development & qualification
Student beim Lernen im Seminar in der Universität


We want to offer high-quality and increasingly complex products and services to demanding customers. For this, we need qualified and motivated employees. Systematic personnel development is a mainstay of the group strategy of our parent company Kloeckner & Co SE.

Kloeckner Metals Austria relies on continuous further training in personnel development. In our talent pool, we also promote young talent, which we believe can be a further step forward. Many colleagues are studying alongside the profession - we support this commitment to the best of our ability.


We regularly add new products to the program. We create machines to expand the range of our processing services. This creates opportunities for sales. To enable our employees to take full advantage of these opportunities, we provide them with up-to-the-minute know-how through internal training. In doing so, we promote the exchange of ideas between various sectors. For example, we need buyers who can read technical drawings, and technicians with business knowledge.

In contact with customers, our employees are the business card and the ambassadors of our company. That is why we qualify them for successful meetings with customers: our seminars include sales techniques and communication.

Depending on the location, we also offer additional language courses.


The talent pool, created in 2016, brings together promising young talent. Selection is key: the candidates present themselves before the management of Kloeckner Metals Austria. The company management decides who is to be included in the support program.

The selected employees are prepared for future top jobs through special training. We guarantee that they will be invited to a job interview for a management position after completion of the program. Participation in the talent pool opens up the opportunity to graduate from international "Emerging Leaders" program at the corporate level.


An academic degree can significantly increase career chances. Many of our colleagues have already studied alongside the profession. Others are on the way to university degrees.

Kloeckner Metals Austria encourages all employees to continuously gain qualifications. For this reason, we support the accompanying study program financially and practically. If the chosen course of studies promises to be beneficial for the company's activities, we will cover up to 100 percent of the costs.

In the case of written homework and the final thesis, those that study while working benefit from the expertise of their colleagues. In exams, Bachelor and Master graduates may expect understanding, as many of our managers have themselves studied alongside the profession and know the challenges from their own experience.