As a traditional company with more than 100 years of history, we have always placed emphasis on sustainability and future viability. Our business has an impact on a variety of internal and external stakeholders as well as on the environment. That's why we provide customers, employees and the protection of natural resources at the very center of our sustainability efforts.

Our customers and employees appreciate and trust us, and we strive to continuously meet their expectations and requirements. We are committed to the protection of natural resources. We take pride in working to a high quality standard and are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our action is based on the following principles.


We define quality as the fulfillment of all requirements that are placed on Kloeckner Metals Austria. This includes primarily customer expectations for our products and services, as well as the expectations of our employees.

The consistent implementation of our principles in our daily work determines our reputation and secures our future performance. For this reason, we have had our quality management system certified on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Specifically, we have the following certificate:

DNV-GL Certificate ISO 9001:2015 english, vaild until 07.07.2021

The current group certificate according to ISO 45001:2018 can be found below in the field of occupational health.

We accept our responsibility for the protection of natural resources. In all processes, we evaluate and take into account environmental concerns and social and political aspects. Each branch is obliged within their area of responsibility to conserve natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible. We utilize a central advantage of our materials: all metals, in particular aluminum, can be fully and energy-efficiently recycled.

The wishes of our customers are the focus of our business. We believe, with every business decision, in providing the customer with a concrete value proposition. We see ourselves as partners of our customers and practice open and trusting cooperation.

We promote the commitment, competence and efficiency of our employees through permanent training and further education, as well as through consistent, unbureaucratic quality management.

We are committed to continuously and systematically improving workplace safety and occupational safety. We do not content ourselves with simple compliance with all laws and regulations. On every individual workstation, we analyze hazards and reduce them to the minimum.

We hold regular discussions with our customers and suppliers, to create creative and effective solutions.

Our aim is the constant improvement of our products and processes. Therefore we actively support the internal exchange of ideas and experiences. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of fair cooperation with customers, employees and suppliers and do not tolerate mistakes. To us, continuous improvement means error prevention instead of troubleshooting.


Our employees are our greatest asset. As a responsible employer, we are committed to providing our employees with the best working conditions. In particular, safety and health at work have an important place for us.

We ask all employees to keep safe and healthy workplaces. This is an integral part of our corporate strategy "Kloeckner & Co 2020", and we adhere to the industrial safety policy of Kloeckner & Co SE.

A key element is preventative safety. Our motto: move away from a purely "technical" approach to industrial safety and towards a greater awareness of safety and health at work.

Through implementation of industrial safety measures we treat our executives and employees as equal. Because we are convinced: with clarification and persuasion, we achieve more than with rules and compulsory.


Together with Kloeckner & Co Gmbh Germany, Kloeckner Metals Austria operates a health and safety management system according to international standard DIN ISO 45001:2018. Germanischer Lloyd has certified all branches. The certificate is available here for download:

Zertifikat DIN ISO 45001:2018 valid untill 07.07.2021



In our commitment to safe and healthy workplaces, we focus on the following guidelines:

  • A healthy and safe working environment...
    ... not only protects people. It also ensures the smooth running of our business processes.
  • The following rules and laws in industrial safety ...
    ... form the natural basis for safe working.
  • Preventive action ...
    ... averts damage to employees and the company.
  • Accidents are always avoidable.

Therefore, we analyze workplace risks and accidents carefully and take the appropriate countermeasures.


Our employees as well as the management are obliged to maintain safety in the workplace. We expect our executives to assume an exemplary role in industrial safety.