The Kloeckner Workplace
Happy Mature Businessman Standing In Front Of Colleagues In Office


What do you expect from Kloeckner Metals Austria? You will enter into a traditionally established company that is firmly established on the market and breaking new ground in many areas. Through structured training we get you on board fast - you are part of the team from the beginning. You will see: it's not just digitalization that is changing the way we work. It's also the deepened cooperation with customers which always presents new requirements. As a value-added partner, we deliver increasingly complex machined parts.

The move to the digital age has a strong impact on our self-understanding as an employer, and our employees are a key part of this reorientation.

Financially, we not only offer attractive compensation. Voluntary additional services are an expression of our appreciation for the competence and commitment of our employees.


Kloeckner has a long history in a classic industry. But we are changing: in addition to the traditional steel trade, we are expanding our marketing of high-quality products and processing. We digitize the entire chain of our deliveries and services. This path requires a high degree of creativity and entrepreneurial agility. The radical change from the established steel giant to the customer-oriented, flexible service provider poses new challenges for our employees. At the same time, opportunities for personal and professional development are created: with us, qualified and committed employees can grow.

Our leadership culture promotes fair and respectful interaction. In this way, each of us can master the daily routine with the best possible chance of success.

We expect our executives to be credible and authentic and to challenge and encourage employees. We carefully train our executives for annual employee meetings. These dialogues ensure that every employee receives regular feedback about their work. In addition, the discussion provides the opportunity to think about improvements and future perspectives together with the supervisor.