Having switched professions, Marcus Oberhofer commenced his career here in 1997 in the sales sector for the export markets at Metal Center GmbH, at it was known then, in Vienna.

In 2003 he became manager of the sales team in Vienna an authorized representativeand of the agents for the export business in the neighbouring Eastern European countries.

Mr Oberhofer has been the managing director of Kloeckner Metals Austria, as it is now called, since 1 January 2007.



Markus Kerbler commenced his apprenticeship in 1984 as a wholesale trader with the Alu West company as it was then called.

In the course of his apprenticeship, he worked in all the different departments and became head of the sales team in 1998.

On January 1, 2002, Markus Kerbler was appointed head of the Neumarkt branch of Kloeckner Metals Austria as it is now known.

Mr Kerbler has been managing director of Kloeckner Metals Austria since 1 July 2017.